A smokin' "A"-code 4-speed Pony Car
Raven Black with Red Deluxe Pony Interior.

One of the best looking '65 or '66 Mustangs you'll ever see!
"Just have to say kudos on your car. I have not seen so much detail
paid to keeping the color theme throughout. Very very sharp." - Jim

" the charts in the looks department!"  VMF member

 "...looks like a really beautifully done mustang!" Buckeye
Jan. 2012, I moved to the Puget Sound, WA and I had to bring my car with me from SW Missouri.
"The build is just right. Nothing over the top but "Maximum Eye Candy"!! That car tickles all the senses." - Lee

"...the profile, color combo, right upgrades etc. just makes yours the best looking Mustang I have ever seen." - Kirk

This car, with the 3.00 rear gears and 4 speed, runs like a sewing machine.
"That's one smoken Stang! Wow!" Kevin

"I really like the looks of your car, and kudos on doing a great job.
I really like the way you kept the OEM look, and still made it different." - Stone
This is a 1965 A-code Mustang GT Fastback
w/289 V8, 4bbl, 4-spd, power steering with
front disc brakes, 3.00 limited slip, rear disc brakes,
dual exhaust, Deluxe "PONY" interior,
140 mph speedo, Day/nite mirror,
wood steering wheel, console, fold-down rear seat,
fog lights, heavy-duty front sway bar,
 Magnum 500 wheels, and upgraded radio/stereo.

Custom painted gas cap.
I liked the looks of the '66 GT cap but I had to change some of the coloring on it.
"That is one of the hottest mustangs I've seen." - Dave

I wanted to try my hand at reflection photo editing and I was happy how it turned out!
"WOW!  Now, that's a head turner." Matt

"Seriously the car is straight sexy. Always been a favorite of mine." - Geist

"Very beautiful car man! Nice work..." Tom

"This is one of the NICEST and tastefully done Mustangs I have ever seen!
...I am totally impressed."Tony

Eat your heart out Chevy & Dodge owners!!!
"Goosebumps... That is truly incredible looking." Manny


"That is a drop-dead gorgeous car. Kudos." Ian

I love this rear view shot shown above.
"Awesome Mustang! Wow, by far one of the best looking Mustang's I've ever seen." - Buck

"Beautifully done! How I love black and crimson together." Stephen

Fiberglas scoop
"Damn...I have to admit, that's one beautiful 65FB you have there" VMF Member


"VERY nicely done...absolutely love the color combo with red interior!" Mike
TMI SPORT SEATS with headreasts up front...yes, with ponies.
I also added 2" seat track extenders for more leg room.
Python original restored front Deluxe seat belts.

The interior is nearly completely new.
Even new front and rear glass with new rubber seals were installed.
"God Phil, your car gives me tingly sensations." - Lee

This is a real ALL WOOD deluxe steering wheel.
The factory plastic faux wood steering wheels are very susceptible to cracking,
so a company called Dallas Mustangs back in the 80's offered
to repair and replace the cracked wood with real walnut.
They only did this for about 10 years and now these real wood wheels
are very difficult to find.  I replaced my old Grant steering wheel with the factory REAL WOOD
deluxe wheel, but I also put a 2" seat extenders under the driver seat to give me more leg room.

"That's definitely one of the nicest Mustangs I've seen in a long time.
It looks very well put together." - Doug
It went to the upholstery shop and came back with all new EVERYTHING!
I chose the red headliner and sunvisors as I didn't think
the 1965 factory white headliner color looked correct for this car.

"Love your fastback!  Niiiiiice!!!  Guy
Yes, the reverse is "UP" on a hurst shifter.

WOO-Wee! How about a 45 year old car with that new car smell!
"Looks really nice! They did a great job! I'm not a red interior guy but yours does look great !" Mike

"All i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A truely beautiful job!"  Meric

"Turned out AMAZING, looks so good, congrats." Tim
Custom red trunk carpet.  OH, how I hated that old gray plaid vinyl.

It has custom fog lights.
15" Magnums and rwl BFGs.
The ID plate says it is a factory deluxe interior car, so it
even has the correct red '65 Deluxe interior.

"Man you have got one sweet car! No doubt about that!" Terry

A friend came down with his newer GT and we had to take some pics.
I also edited this pic with the logos, legends and horse.
I hope you like it.


The engine was painted the later '66 Ford blue when I bought the car and I want the inside of the engine bay
to be black (like original '65 engine color) and chrome or aluminum with red details.
So, I have had the engine pulled, to not only paint it but to replace the valve seals, replace any guides,
deck the heads, check the springs, and clean up the ROLLER ROCKERS.  It has
already been bored .030 and a high revving street cam installed.

"WOW!  I LOVE this car!" - Karmin

Engine was pulled and repainted the correct 1965 black.
As of mid-April 2009, the engine has aluminum COBRA valve covers, with matching COBRA air cleaner,
Edelbrock endurashine RPM 302 intake, aluminum Holley 670 cfm Street Avenger, Edelbrock endurashine
hi-flow water pump, Holly 110 GPM polished fuel pump, MSD distributor cap, MSD wires, MSD Coil,
new alternator, chrome oil pan, chrome Flex-a-lite fan, new radiator, hoses, motor mounts and belts.
Also, new stainless steel montecarlo bar, with chrome export brace and shock mounts,
with Edelbrock IAS Performer shocks have been installed...and all mounted
with SS hardware.  Hooker headers pushes the exhaust into the flowmaster exhaust.

"What a beaut'!   Looks great!" - Jon
Carb is now a 670 cfm Holley Street Avenger (had junk Demon crap and it was removed)
along with lots of other Edelbrock parts.   Edelbrock IAS Performer shocks
help complete the red, black & chrome theme.
Valve covers are the COBRA polished aluminum covers that were then powder
coated clear, with the custom matching air cleaner.
A polished stainless-steel monte carlo bar, chrome export brace, shock tower tops,
and aluminum COBRA valve covers with air cleaner add lots of BLING.

A toploader 4-speed from Mark at Top-loader Heaven was newly installed.  This
was Mark's personal transmission that was just recently rebuilt for his Grabber Mustang.
I was fortunate to call at the right time to talk him out of this transmission.
It has the special Top-loader Heaven modified Hurst
shifter and came with all new upper shifter and knob. The transmission
looks like it came from the Ford factory as an NOS item!  If you need parts for your
toploader, give Mark a call.  He helped me out on my first Mustang too.
It is now installed and shifts wonderfully! 

Fiberglass Shelby style hood scoop was also installed with a large
air inlet hole cut into original all steel hood.
A new ring-gear & pilot bearing was installed,
as well as a new Centerforce dual-friction clutch
when the new toploader was installed.
New tie-rod ends, steering ram and hoses/belts were installed as well
with the power steering.  And lastly a Dallas Mustang factory wood wheel along with a
modified turn signal lever and 2" seat extenders gave me some much needed leg and knee room.
Westin Driving lights mounted behind the grill with a modified latch support panel.

Car Description:  1965 Ford Mustang GT Fastback A-Code

Engine:Engine is a 289 4 BBL bored .030 over, high-rev cam, hardened valve seats, w/roller rockers.
New chrome fuel pump, new chrome water pump, new chrome flex fan, new polished Holley 670 cfm carburetor,
new Edelbrock polished alum. intake, new water temperature & oil sending units, new polished alum. COBRA valve
covers and air cleaner (both clear powder coated for ease of cleaning). New alternator and voltage regulator,
new belts hoses and clamps, new thermostat, new correct radiator. Every thing has been rebuilt or replaced.
Just a great restoration on the motor compartment and really on the complete car.

Chassis: Chassis has has been restored for driving. All tie rods and lower control arms and upper control arms
have been replaced or checked. New shocks also. The suspension does not need a thing.
The 4-speed transmission just shifts like new because it has a custom Hurst shifter with
a modified Ford shift handle and was totally rebuilt by Mark at Toploader Heaven.
New Centerforce dual-friction clutch installed too.  The rear end is a Lincoln Versailles 9" 3.00 gear
limited slip with disc brakes.  The front end has factory disc brakes as well.
Just one of many neat things that have been done to this car.  It is a blast driving this car.

Body:Body was partially stripped, primed, blocked and painted with two stage urethane.
Base coat, clear coat.  Color is Raven Black with Ford Colorado Red stripes.  The paint
is very slick and just beautiful to look at. Floor pans are solid ,doors, quarter panels, fenders, trunk,
hood are just great.  If you are looking for a very solid car and has been restored to high standards this is it!
The chrome bumpers and all of the emblems and the window moldings are new or have been restored to
new condition.  All of the weather stripping has been replaced.  New front and rear glass.

Interior: Interior has been restored just like the rest of the car. From new dash pad to the new carpet ,door panels,
headliner, kick panels, scuff plates, sunvisors, mirrors, door handles, window handles, TMI sport seats,
factory real wood steering wheel, arm rest, 2" seat extenders and just like the body and
the motor compartment nothing was left to do but enjoy the car.

Other: The tires are new and the wheels are new Magnum 500's.
The tire size are BFG 235/60R15s on the rear and 215s on the front with 15x7 Magnum 500 wheels.


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