Phil's COOL CAR...

One of only 1360 1970 Barracuda Convertibles ever built!

I like the colors in this above shot from a MOPAR MAGIC car show.

I wasn't far from the beach after a recent car show, so I snapped a few pics.

TOR-RED with a BLACK Interior.


It's drop-dead sexy!

Many people have never even seen a '70 Barracuda convertible.

Thumbs up everywhere you go.

A beast with a dual-quad 426 HEMI Pony Car


I took it out for some fall color pics...above...

...and then for some Spring pics.

Sitting on the Hood Canal

One of the hottest looking '70 Cuda Convertibles you'll ever see!

"Just ... DAMN!" S.H.


Coming for YA!
"Cool COO-DA!" Ricky


Mt. Rainier in the background
It's an "Elephant motor!"

"Holy Shit, Batman!" B.H.

November 4th 2016 was a nice, sunny warm day.

It has a very spacious interior.  Far more than my old Mustang.

That TOR-RED (Hemi Orange) just glows in the sun.
150 mph speedo?  Should I check to see if it is accurate?

Nice clean interior with Ralleye gauge pack, console, and rimblow steering wheel.

I installed a custom "AUTO-GRIP" shifter for that classic Mopar pistol grip shifter look.

  "...looks like an awesome car!" Brent
This was my BIRTHDAY PRESENT in October of 2016!
 "What an awesome Birthday present.  Love the color." N.J.

You can eat off of this engine!

There are lots of opportunities for some fantastic photography up here in the PNW.

   It came with road lamps but were not installed originally,
so I did put the road lamps back on the summer of 2017!  I like it too!

From a car show in Hansville 2021
All ready to go for a ride.

First outing this Spring 2021

"Gorgeous car!"

I have been taking my car to some shows in the summer. 
Here's a YOUTUBE video link from Graham WA "2017 Sunbust MOPAR show":
We've had the driest summer on record, so I haven't had to worry about rain.

In 2018, I took home the "Show Sponsor's BEST IN SHOW" award
at the 2018 MOPAR MAGIC all Mopar car show.

People at shows are just as amazed at my license plate too!

I was an early-bird at this Sequim car show.  I took "Best Mopar" trophy home!

I did meet Mark Worman of Grave Yard Carz the summer of 2017. 
He liked my car and was impressed it had correct '69 Hemi in it. 
He also liked the correctness of the engine brake booster.

My car made a full 8 seconds on the GYC show visiting Little Creek Casino S8-Ep7

This car has been in numerous calendar shots
including the 2017 Muscle car/bikini calendar


This car, with the 3.23 Sure-grip rear gears and 3 speed auto, runs like a sewing machine.
This is a 1970 Barracuda Convertible
w/426 V8, dual 4bbl, 3-spd auto w/Hughes kit, power steering,
power front disc brakes, 3.23 8 3/4" Sure-grip, 11" HD rear drum brakes,
TTI 3" dual exhaust, Flowmaster 40's, Shaker Hood & scoop,
Rubber bumpers front & rear, Go-Wing, 150 mph speedo,
Std. Black interior, Power top, Ralleye Pac Instruments,
Rim-Blow steering wheel, woodgrained console,
fog lights (installed summer 2017), heavy-duty front sway bar,
 Magnum 500 wheels, and upgraded radio/stereo.

This is an original BH..G car that was built and restored to
match an original BS..R car in every way.  If you had a real
factory BS..R car sitting next to mine, they would be almost identical. 
The only differences would be 2 letters on the VIN and the price tags.
I can drive and have fun with my car, the other guy can't.

I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite pics - coming off
the delivery truck on a very humid cool day.
BTW, I used PLYCAR auto carriers and they were first class all the way
with both me and at pickup from my car's seller.
   Reasonable too!

 Car Description:  1970 Barracuda Convertible 

Engine: Engine is a 1969 solid lifter 426 HEMI with Dual Edelbrock 600cfm 4 BBL, 3/8" fuel lines,
 bored and decked, new cam, hardened valve seats,

 Exhaust is non-restrictive pushing out through 3" TTI pipes and into Flowmaster 40's for
a killer sound that will wake up the neighborhood!
Just a great restoration on the motor compartment and really on the complete car.

Chassis: Chassis is all original but has been maintained for driving. All tie rods and lower control arms
and upper control arms
have been replaced or checked.  The suspension does not need a thing.
The 727 transmission has been built for the HEMI with a Hughes 2200 stall converter
and Auto-grip shifter.  11" HD Brake drums, power front disc brakes,
 with correct hemi brake booster.
  Just one of many neat things that have been
done to this car.  It is a blast driving this car.

Body: Body is an original unmolested 46 year old California car with no rust.  It has never
been wrecked, just lovingly pampered by "Mopar Mike" for 20+ years.
 It is painted with two stage urethane
Base coat, clear coat.
 Color is Tor-red UV2 with black side stripes.  The paint
  is very slick and just beautiful to look at.
Floor pans are original with no-rust and super solid.  Doors, quarter panels, fenders, trunk,

hood are also great, original, unmolested and original to the car. 
If you are looking for a very solid original car and has not been totally restored this is it!

The rubber bumpers are real MOPAR from an AAR. 
All of the emblems and the window moldings are new or have been restored to

new condition.  

Interior: Interior is all original and in immaculate condition like the rest of the car.
New floor carpet was about the only thing needing upgraded.  Car even
has an original Rim-Blow steering wheel.

Other: This car has the original fender tag and even the factory broadcast sheet.
The tires are new and the wheels are new Magnum 500's.

The tire size are BFG 255/60R15s on the rear and 235s on the front with 15x7 Magnum 500 wheels.

Its tough job, but someone has to do it!

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