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Those funny little promo lighters that look like a small pack of cigarettes.

Value guide at bottom of page.

NOTE: Several of the softpacks below have
small cig cap covers that came with lighter
to prevent accidental activation.
"8" shaped item to the right is the cap.

2 1/4"  Refilllable R2

SILK CUT                                H B
      2 1/4"  Refilllable R2       2 1/4"  Refilllable R2

 Peter Stuyvesant                  Peter Styvesant
2 3/8"  NONRefill R3       2 1/4"  Refilllable R2

MILD SEVEN                  CAULOISES
2 3/8"  Refilllable R3       2 1/2"  Refilllable R3

WINFIELD                   GITANES
2 1/2"  Refilllable R3       2 1/2"  Refilllable R3

   DUCADOS                    CRAVEN "A"
2 3/8"  Refilllable R4          2 1/4"  Refilllable R2

EXPORT "A" Hardpack       555 Hardpack
2 1/2"  Refilllable R2       2 1/2"  Refilllable R4

Of course, ANY lighters you may have
not photo'd here to add to this collection
are always desired and I would like to purchase.
email me at:
I only have 56K, so no large photos please.
Or, donate and send your lighters to:
PO Box 74
Fair Grove, MO
USA  65648
Your help is appreciated.

One nice thing about pack lighters is they are a recent item so consequently they are somewhat common and inexpensive.  I’ve tried to offer a guide for rarity and value on the pack lighters, so underneath each pictured item there is a “R” and then a number (eg. R3).  This reflects the rarity of a particular lighter with R1 being very common and R5 being scarce and very rare.  The value is simply a range on low to high price one can expect to pay for a mint lighter.    Each lighter pictured will have a "R" number underneath.
Here is a value guide for loose MINT packlighters
(deduct for any flaws –increase if still in sealed package):

R1 = $1-3
R2 = $3-7
R3 = $8-15
R4 = $15-25
R5 = $25-45

Images and information are not to be copied or reproduced without written permission from Phil Pignon.
(C) Copyright 2005, Phil Pignon