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Those funny little promo lighters that look like a small pack of cigarettes.

Value guide at bottom of page

Some of these oddball lighters cannot be classified
with the others because of their size or nature.
But, they definitely are oddball pack lighters.

These packlighters are actually 1:1 scale measuring 3 3/4" tall.
They are refillable and actuated just as other pack lighters
by depressing the cig to ignite flame.

1:1 Marlboro R3    1:1 Tourney  R3      1:1 Kool    R3

This is one of my favorite lighters, imported from the Phillipines.
It actually has 3 small LED lights and a battery inside.
When the lid is opened the LED lights randomly flash all around.
2 1/2" tall   Refillable R5

Tiny metal cased lighter 1 5/8" tall.
Pull down on chain clasp to ignite.
Refillable  R1

Not a lighter.
Actually has speaker on backside
and says: "Cough-cough No smoking"
when cig is depressed

I know, not a pack lighter but its cute!
Depress sticks of gun and flame
shoots out perpendicular.
Actual gumpack size
Refillable  R1

These are just so cute I had to show them.
Miniature Zippo style lighters
Yes, just over 1" tall
Refillable  R3

One nice thing about pack lighters is they are a recent item so consequently they are somewhat common and inexpensive.  I’ve tried to offer a guide for rarity and value on the pack lighters, so underneath each pictured item there is a “R” and then a number (eg. R3).  This reflects the rarity of a particular lighter with R1 being very common and R5 being scarce and very rare.  The value is simply a range on low to high price one can expect to pay for a mint lighter.    Each lighter pictured will have a "R" number underneath.
Here is a value guide for loose MINT packlighters
(deduct for any flaws –increase if still in sealed package):

R1 = $1-3
R2 = $3-7
R3 = $8-15
R4 = $15-25
R5 = $25-45

Of course, ANY lighters you may have
not photo'd here to add to this collection
are always desired and I would like to purchase.
email me at:
I only have 56K, so no large photos please.
Or, donate and send your lighters to:
PO Box 74
Fair Grove, MO
USA  65648
Your help is appreciated.

Images and information are not to be copied or reproduced without written permission from Phil Pignon.
(C) Copyright 2005, Phil Pignon